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Beetlejuice the Boa

Beetlejuice the Boa

🐍✨ Meet Beetlejuice the Boa - Seeking a Knowledgeable Forever Home! ✨🐍

Hello everyone! I am Beetlejuice, a striking 4-5 foot long boa constrictor. I came to J&R Aquatic Animal Rescue on 6/15/24 at the Exotic Pet Surrender Event in Chilton, WI, because I was found abandoned in an apartment building and thought to be overly aggressive. Despite my reputation, I have no problem eating pre-killed large rats and just need a patient and experienced handler to understand my needs.

Adoption Details: In lieu of a set adoption fee, J&R Aquatic Animal Rescue is asking for a donation to be made in my name in order to keep the rescue afloat. Your support ensures that animals like me receive the care and love we need.

Interested in adopting Beetlejuice? Please fill out an adoption application on our website and let’s find me the perfect new home!

About Me: I’m a resilient and striking boa constrictor with a lot of personality. Due to my past, I need a handler who is experienced with snakes and understands the care and handling I require.

Care Tips for Boa Constrictors:

🏠 Housing: Provide me with a large, secure enclosure. A minimum of a 6x2x2 foot tank is recommended for a full-grown boa. The enclosure should have a secure lid and adequate ventilation.

🌡️ Temperature: Maintain a temperature gradient within my enclosure. The basking spot should be around 88-92°F, with a cooler side ranging from 78-82°F. Nighttime temperatures can drop slightly but should not fall below 75°F.

🌿 Humidity: I thrive in a humidity level of 50-60%. Provide a large water dish for humidity and soaking, and mist my enclosure regularly to maintain proper humidity levels.

🏞️ Habitat: Furnish my enclosure with hiding spots, branches for climbing, and a substrate that holds humidity well, such as cypress mulch or coconut fiber.

🍽️ Diet: I was being fed live rats but have no problem eating pre-killed large rats. It’s safer for me to eat pre-killed prey to avoid injury.

🧼 Cleaning: Clean my enclosure regularly by spot-cleaning daily and doing a full clean monthly. Replace substrate as needed to maintain a hygienic environment.

🖐️ Handling: Due to my past, I need a handler who is experienced with boas. Handle me regularly but gently to build trust and reduce stress.

🐍 Experience Required: I am not suitable for inexperienced snake keepers. I need a handler who understands the behavior and needs of a boa constrictor and can provide the care I require.

Let’s find Beetlejuice the knowledgeable and caring forever home he deserves! 🌟💚

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