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Brian the Albino Asian Redtail Catfish

Brian the Albino Asian Redtail Catfish

🌊🐟 Attention Fish Lovers! Help Us Find a Home for Brian the Albino Asian Redtail Catfish! 🐟🌊


Hello, wonderful aquatic community! Meet Brian, a stunning Albino Asian Redtail Catfish in need of a loving forever home! 🏡 Brian measures between 6-8 inches in length, but don't let his current size fool you – he's destined to grow to over 2 feet long! 📏


Brian is a unique and beautiful fish, but he does have some specific needs. He's not the best fit for a community tank, as he tends not to get along with other fish. However, for the right aquarist with the appropriate setup, he could make an incredible addition to a dedicated tank!


Why Choose Brian?

🌟 Striking Albino coloration

🌟 Impressive potential size

🌟 Captivating personality


Requirements for Brian's New Home:

🔹 Large tank with ample space to accommodate his growth

🔹 Preferably a tank without other fish, or compatible tank mates carefully selected by an experienced aquarist

🔹 Knowledgeable owner who understands the needs of large, predatory fish


If you or someone you know has the experience and resources to provide Brian with the loving home he deserves, please reach out to us at J&R Aquatic Animal Rescue. Let's work together to ensure Brian finds his perfect match! 🐠💙


Thank you for your support in helping us find Brian his forever home! Your assistance means the world to us and to our aquatic friends in need. 🌊✨



J&R Aquatic Animal Rescue Team

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