Common Guppies - Group of 10

Common Guppies - Group of 10

Guppies are, historically, one of the most popular tropical fish kept by aquarists.  They are pretty, easy to breed, easy to care for and come in a variety of colors and tail styles. 

Guppies are tropical fish and should be kept at temperatures 72°-84°F.  Consistency is important and fluctuations in temperature can lead to health issues.  In order to keep the males from constantly pestering the females, I keep them at a 1:2 ratio.  Guppies do well in smaller tanks with adequate filtration.  Keep lots of floating plants like duckweed and hornwort in the tank to allow babies to hide and adults to find cover.  Guppies should be kept in 10 gallon tanks to allow for their growing populations.  Guppies eat basically anything; I feed them a high quality flake food, live black worms, and frozen foods. 

Guppies are easy to breed.  Guppies give birth to live young instead of laying eggs.  You can tell the female is pregnant because she will get rather large and will develop a dark spot on the bottom of her belly.  This is the developing eyes of her babies.  You can move her into a breeder box when she is looking rather plump.  Separating her will decrease the chances that the other fish will eat the babies.  You can leave the mother in the tank, but the amount of young that survive may go down quite a bit.  Separating the mother also gives her a chance to recuperate after the birth and gain some weight back.  I keep mom and babies separated from the rest of the colony for about a week.  After that, the babies are usually big enough to avoid being eaten and the mother is robust enough to fend for herself.


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