Mazuri Crocodile Diet - 1 Pound

Mazuri Crocodile Diet - 1 Pound

Mazuri® Crocodilian Diet-Large is a complete crocodile food designed for large crocodilians under managed care. This floating pellet crocodile food is designed to be tossed into the water to encourage animals to come to the surface for feeding. These large crocodile pellets may also be tossed directly into the animal’s mouth for training. Best Fed To: Mazuri® Crocodilian food is best for Crocodilians, carnivorous turtles and carnivorous lizards such as Alligators, Caiman, Crocodiles, Gharials, Snapping Turtles and Monitor Lizards. We also feed it to our larger fish such as catfish, knife fish, gars, pacu, our turtles, and our larger frogs.

No need to apply, just book an appointment and let us know how many you would like and we will have them ready for you. Book here:

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