Powder Orange Isopods -Group of 10

Powder Orange Isopods -Group of 10

Powder Orange Isopod

Powder Orange Isopod, Porcellionides pruinosus, are small to medium sized isopods with a bright orange coloration. They are a color morph of a woodlouse commonly found in Europe.

These soft bodied isopods will grow to be 3/8” to ½” in length and will reproduce quickly once they get used to their new home. Powder orange isopods are very active and will spend most of their time at the surface of the soil or hiding under decorations. When they are getting ready to molt, they will turn a powdery white color, which lends to their common name.

Fish flakes, alfalfa grass, dried leaves, brewer’s yeast and fruit and vegetable slices are happily
eaten by Porcellionides pruinosus. Sprinkle some Brewer’s yeast in a corner and mist it. The Isopods
will eat the fungus that grows. Remove any food items that get moldy other than the fungus from brewer’s yeast. Calcium is also important.  A cuttlebone should be provided at all times.  

Keep them on a substrate that holds moisture such as coconut husk or soil and keep them at 75° to 80° F for best breeding results.


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