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Pristella Tetra

Pristella Tetra

🌟🐠 Looking for some fin-tastic additions to your freshwater aquarium? Look no further than the charming Pristella Tetras! 🐠🌟

Scientifically known as Pristella maxillaris, these beauties go by various names like X-Ray Tetra or Albino Pristella, adding a touch of exotic flair to your aquatic haven. 🌿💧


Here's why they're perfect for both beginner and seasoned fish enthusiasts:


🏡 Care Level: Easy-peasy! Ideal for those just diving into the world of freshwater fish keeping.


📏 Size: Petite but full of personality, reaching around 2 inches (5 cm) in length.


🌊 pH & Temperature: They thrive in a pH range of 6-8 and temperatures between 75°F - 82°F (24°C - 28°C), mimicking their natural Amazon River habitat.


⏳ Lifespan: With proper care, these little wonders can grace your tank for 5 years or longer, bringing joy for years to come.


🐟 Behavior: Peaceful and sociable, they love to school together, creating a mesmerizing display of movement and color. Plus, they're listed as non-invasive, making them excellent tank mates for various species.



🌿 Diet: As omnivores, they enjoy a diverse menu including live, frozen, and flake foods, ensuring a balanced diet. They may nibble on live plants too, adding a touch of natural behavior to your tank.


🏠 Aquarium Size & Tank Mates: A 10-gallon tank is perfect for a school of these beauties, though they may feel more comfortable in groups of 6 or more. While generally peaceful, they may feel skittish around larger tank mates, so choose companions wisely.


🔬 Fish Disease: Stay proactive with their health by using a Quarantine Tank and keeping an eye out for freshwater fish diseases.


🔍 Gender: While determining gender can be tricky, females may appear more full-bodied as they mature.

Ready to welcome these delightful Pristella Tetras into your aquatic family? Reach out to us at J&R Aquatic Animal Rescue to give these lovable fish a forever home! 🏡🐟 Don't miss out on the chance to add a splash of Amazonian charm to your aquarium today! 🌿💦

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