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Trixie the Leopard Gecko

Trixie the Leopard Gecko

🦎 Meet Trixie, the Leopard Gecko! 🦎

Trixie is looking for her forever home, and she's ready to dazzle you with her unique spots and adorable personality! 🌟


Leopard geckos like Trixie are known for their easy care requirements and friendly demeanor, making them perfect for first-time reptile owners. With the right setup and lots of love, Trixie could be your new scaly best friend for the next 15-20 years!


🏠 Housing: Trixie needs a spacious terrarium to explore, complete with hides, basking spots, and naturalistic substrate to mimic her desert habitat.

💡 Lighting & Heating: She loves basking under her heat lamp, so make sure she has the perfect temperature gradient to keep her cozy day and night.

💧 Humidity & Substrate: Trixie enjoys a low humidity environment, but don't forget to provide her with a humid hide for shedding! And when it comes to substrate, she prefers a soil-like mix to dig and explore.

🌿 Decor & Enrichment: Trixie loves to climb and explore, so fill her terrarium with plenty of decorations and hideouts to keep her entertained!

🍴 Food & Supplements: Trixie's diet consists of a variety of insects, lightly dusted with calcium powder for extra nutrients. Keep her belly happy with a balanced diet and occasional multivitamin supplements.


Instead of a set adoption fee, we kindly ask for a donation in Trixie's name to support J&R Aquatic Animal Rescue and help more animals like her find loving homes. Let's give Trixie the happy ending she deserves! 🎉


Drop a donation and share this post to spread the word about Trixie's quest for a forever home! Let's make her dreams come true!


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